Plastic Bag Landscapes, 2014, Vilde Rolfsen

The artist Vilde J. Rolfsen, produced landscapes in the colors of the dawn represented using plastic bags. This series “Plastic bag landscapes” seems to represent real landscapes. The artist plays with the form of plastic bags, wrinkles, and lights for a more lifelike effect. - Fubiz

Oh and you’re right..

It’s not you, it’s me. I did change the layout a while ago because I just wanted something else.

Diplo and Oliver Twizt made this nice track a while ago. You might think the music isn’t that special, and maybe you’re right. It doesn’t seem like a very complicated track but it is very catchy though. But the reason I share it with you guys is because I especially love the videoclip they made for it with Pinar&Viola. Perfect weirdness. Lovit.

SOHN - Artifice

This track from SOHN kinda surprised me. The first time I heard it I just thought “that’s a nice tune”. But the more I listen to it the more I love it. It’s a little bit more pop-rock than what I usually share here, but I didn’t want to keep this away from you! ;-)

Yet another great track from xSDTRK! This one’s clearly a lot darker and less dreamy than powDer, which I posted before. It’s got this DnB feel but not too fast, which makes it listenable for any time of the day. I really love this and I’m definetely looking forward to hear more of xSDTRK after these two killer tunes.

DyE - Fantasy

Krampfhaft’s Marram is one of my favorite ambient tracks of the year. I totally love it. Great build up, very smooth melody and rhythm and I also really love the bass. I can listen to it for hours and every time I hear it it keeps getting better!

It’s been quiet for a while due too my busy schedule since school started again. I’m now doing a minor called Digital Audio Design. That’s right! I’m learning to make my own electronic music right now. Which means I had to team up with someone (we have to work in pairs) and choose a style that we’re going to use. Now, she’s really into hip-hop and I never really listened to hip-hop before. But now her hip-hop side met my ambient side and now I’m completely in love with this hip-hop/ambient music. One of my favorite tracks of the moment is this one:

Listen/download: Amphibian by RL Grime

I recently fell seriously in love with this track, thanks to Birp’s July playlist. The beats, the melodies, the vocals, everything just fits perfectly together. I’m really into this electronic/dreampop music as he calls it himself. And this guy appears to make a lot of other great tunes, which doesn’t really surprise me, so here you go!

Where does all the music come from?

I thought I might as well just be clear with you guys and tell you where I get most of the music from that I upload here. There are 2 main sources I get my tunes from. I think I could say that about 60% of the music I know is from Birp. About 15% is from MajesticCasual. Then 10% is from Youth//Explosion Another 10% is probably from random surfing on the internet and the last 5% might even be some top-40 bullcrap, which appears to be not even so bad after all. Birp (monthly playlist of 100+ new artists) shares a lot indie/rock/electronica/triphop kinda music, where MajesticCasual (Youtube channel) is more focused on the electronic, ambient and hiphop music. Be sure to follow them both! 

Now I wonder, where do you know most of your music from?